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Landscaping FAQs

We offer our valued clients full service lawn care. Meaning, they shouldn’t have to do any yard work after we leave. Included with our monthly service is:

  • Edging: Create a breaking point between your drive way, planting beds or other obsticles around the yard.
  • Trimming: After mowing the lawn, there are usually areas where the riding mowers cannot reach therefore trimming down the untouched grass is needed to create a clean cut.
  • Mowing: We mow the lawn with a riding or push mower depending on the yard access and condition.
  • Hedging: Plants and shrubs are trimmed utilizing hand sheers, mechanical hedger, to maintain the size/ shape of the shrubs and plants.
  • Pick up debris: We hand pick up debris using buckets and haul away.
  • Weed killer: We spray a Herbiside to get rid of unwanted weeds and grass.

We will physically visit your property every week and complete any tasks necessary to keep your property looking its best. During the summer months it is necessary to mow weekly due to heavy rain volume and lawn growth. However, in winter months we may mow biweekly to let the lawn get nice and full. Regardless we will continue to spray for weeds, pick up yard debris and complete any Hedging, Trimming and Edging as needed.

Yes, We have 3- lawn maintenance crews that have a specific weekly route. In some rare occasions (vacations, sick days etc.) we may move crews around but usually you will see the same smiling faces week after week.

Yes, They will typically arrive at your property around the same time the same day of the week. There are a few occassions where we may alter the schedule, but usually it will be the same.

Yes, unlike many low cost lawn services we are licensed and fully insured. Proof of insurance can provided upon request. NOTE: If a company isn’t insured properly, you could be liable for accidents or injuries during their time on your property.

We pride ourselves on being honest, dependable and providing our clients with the best service possible. I’ve had clients tell me over and over again that other companies will not return calls, keep promises or show up when they were told. I personally don’t understand how someone could run a business like this and not keep their word. We always keep promises and we do deliver!

Our team size varies slightly but is usually around 11. Most projects only require 1-3 of our staff on the job at a time - depending if it’s Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Enhancement, Irrigation, Landscape lighting or a tree service.

All properties vary in price. The pricing is based on the amount of shrubbery that needs trimmed, the size lawn and the amount of trimming/ edging required.

We offer Tree trimming/ removal, Irrigation repair, Landscape lighting, Plant / Tree installation & fertilization.

We schedule estimate appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Depending on the day and time you contact us, we may be able to inspect that week. If not, we usually meet up with clients the following week.

In terms of completing the work. After given the approval to complete a project, sometimes we can work it into our schedule within the next couple of days. Projects that require purchasing products we can normally get to within a couple weeks. In emergency situations (such as broken irrigation/flooding), we will send someone out as soon as possible.

Grass Blade Folding - St. Augustine leaves have a crease down the center that act allowing it to open and close as needed. Healthy, well-watered grass will appear almost completely flat and open. When grass begins to dry out, the blade will close in half upon itself, to reduce its exposure to the sun and thus conserve water. This will also give the grass a “hazy” look, as the backs of the blades are not as deep a green as the enclosed fronts.

Slow Spring-Back - Healthy grass should return itself to the upright position within a few seconds of being walked upon. If your footprints last more than 5 seconds in the turf, this is a guaranteed sign of drought stress.

A sharp blade means a deeper green color and clean cut. Dull blades cause tearing of the grass, which leaves your yard more susceptible to fungus and disease. We sharpen our commercial lawn mower blades a minimum of twice per week to protect our client’s lawns.

To help illustrate how much this can change even within one lawn, imagine filling a gallon bucket with water and setting it out in your yard. When you check your bucket a week later, you’re going to find it still has water, but you’ve lost an inch or so from evaporation. That’s what happens to your lawn and landscape plants if the evaporated water isn’t replaced by rain and/or irrigation.

If you had that bucket of water in full sun, it would experience more evaporation than one in the shade. Also, a bucket put out in summer would lose more to evaporation than one in winter. This is why sprinkler run times are very difficult to give advice on - because it really depends on the season, how much sun your lawn gets, and even what type of soil you have (clay and sand hold moisture very differently from one another).

Here is a basic guideline for sprinkler systems to keep a healthy lawn:

  • Rotor Zones - 40-65 minutes (These are the heads that rotate and cover larger areas of the lawn with one strong stream of water.
  • Spray / Mist Zones - 20-35 minutes (These are the heads that steadily spray a flat stream of water in a concentrated area and do not rotate)
  • Drip Zones - 60-90 minutes (These zones just slowly drip water at the base of root systems and do not put out much water at all. Although concentrated, they need more time to fully wet the plant's rootballs)

Simple, just give us a call at Beard’s Lawn & Landscaping. A tree’s condition before a storm will determine how safe that tree will be during a storm. We can recommend ways to keep your property safe by trimming the lower fronds, seed pods and coconuts away from your trees to reduce wind resistance and lessen the chances of projectiles in heavy winds. It’s important to have your trees maintained early in the season before a storm is announced and it too late. Once a storm is in route it will be impossible to accommodate all of our customers so PLAN AHEAD!

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