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Mulch available in multiple colors

Why Mulch?

While mulch can add color and make your landscape more attractive it actually has very practical and essential functions. Mulch helps retain moisture and can help prevent soil erosion. In the rainy season, it may seem like moisture would not be an issue however with the strong Florida sun unprotected soil can lead to rapid evaporation of water. It insulates the ground which helps keep plant roots healthy. Mulch also serves to suppress weeds by inhibiting the germination of weed seeds. It can help prevent soil erosion. If organic mulch is used it can provide nutrients as it decomposes.

Mulch helps palms trees in many ways. It keeps weeds and grasses from growing up close to the palm and sapping nutrients and water from its root zone. It also conserves moisture, making irrigation more efficient and increasing a palm’s drought tolerance during hot, dry weather. Did you know many palm trees in Southwest Florida are actually starving for nutrients? Mulch helps.

Annual Mulching

Annual Mulching

Mulch maintenance is typically done on an annual basis. Not only does the color fade, organic mulch also decomposes. This leads to re-mulch yearly to maintain maximum effectiveness. We recommended mulching depth about 2 to 2.5 inches. Mulching depths less than 2 inches may not be effective in weed control. Deeper depths of mulch can lead to serious problems for landscape plants and trees, especially if piled up against tree bark. While you want to maintain moisture too much mulch can lead to water-logged soil, particularly during wet seasons. Excessive mulch applied right against the trunk of a tree can lead to constantly wet bark. These wet conditions are favorable for disease development which could potentially damage the tree.

There are numerous types of Mulch and colors. The most common mulch used is Pine Bark Mulch, Cypress mulch and Pine Mulch. The most common colors are Cocoa Brown Mulch, Red Mulch and Black Mulch. In Southwest Florida, organic mulch is preferable to the non-organic mulch options.

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