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Sod & Re-sod

Do you want or need to replace your lawn with new sod? Or replace just a section of your damaged lawn? Beard’s Lawn & Landscaping is a trusted landscape company in Fort Myers that can help you create or maintain a beautiful lawn to compliment your landscape.

When you live in Southwest Florida, you need to make sure your lawn can take the heat and Florida climate from drought to rainy season. Neglected or damaged grass can ruin the beautiful color and appeal of your lawn.

Whether your installing a new lawn or your having to re-sod an existing lawn, we can provide the sod you need as well as install it. Following installation, our lawn maintenance service can help you keep that grass green and freshly manicured.

Several types of St. Augustine are available for lawns, but our preferred sod is ’Floratam’. Typically used for residential lawns and commercial landscapes including multi-home associations. Like most St. Augustine grasses, Floratam is coarse-textured grass, but a distinguishing feature of Floratam is its longer and wider leaf blades. This dark-green cultivar grows rapidly in both spring and summer. Floratam needs plenty of sunshine and will perform poorly if it receives less than six hours of sunlight a day making it the ideal sod for Southwest Florida. Floratam St. Augustine grass can make your lawn and home look beautiful without a high amount of lawn care. Floratam, once established, will take root in the soil and fill out to a beautiful, natural-looking lawn.

Freshly installed sod
prep to install sod

Lawn Repair & Re-sod

A common problem in Southwest Florida is Bermuda grass infestation which is actually an invasive weed. It is very difficult and ineffective to spot treat with sprays alone. To remedy we spray the entire lawn with an herbicide. After the bermuda grass is dead we remove the dead material. Next, we install an entirely new lawn. This needs to be watered daily or irrigated unless rainy season.

Have debris piles killed your grass or lawn? This is very common, especially after Irma. Whether organic or construction related, debris piles can kill your lawn. We can patch or replace with new sod after removing the dead grass.

Sod for Multi-home Associations

For some of the large multi-home association, we section the property and regularly replace the sod to maintain a high-quality, lush, healthy lawn and avoid having to re-sod an entire community at once.


To keep your sod and new lawn lush and green irrigation is a must in Southwest Florida. We will ensure your zones are working properly with our “Wet Check” including repair or replacement of broken irrigation equipment as needed. We also adjust watering schedules and adjust spray patterns if needed. Visual inspection will help identify dry spots as well as overwatered areas which can happen with broken sprinkler heads. We work with Rainbird as well as all other major brands of irrigation equipment.

Beard’s Lawn & Landscaping offers high-quality sod and re-sod service in the Fort Myers area. Call (239) 437-6000 or click for your free quote.

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